Friday, February 01, 2008

Not Meant to Be

It has been crystal clear all day - not a cloud in the sky and the sun so bright I've had to sit here with the drapes slightly closed because my poor eyes can't take the brightness. So, I thought I'd get the telescope out in the back garden to cool down and do a bit of observing but guess what? Yeah, big, dark, black clouds are blowing in from the west.

Oh well, perhaps I'll get to use it sometime soon. Seems like when the weather co-operates my health does not. Hopefully everyone else is having better luck.


Andrew said...

Sorry to hear you haven't had a chance to introduce your scope to the night sky.I have been having the same troubles.A clear sky during the day and clouds at night.
I am confident that WE will have nice skies soon.......I hope!!.
I sincerely hope that your health issues are resolved soon and that you feel better!.

Jeff said...

I bought the same scope a few weeks ago, and have had similar problems with the weather not co-operating, although I've been fortunate in being able to use it on a couple of occasions. It's a good 'scope, I'm impressed with the quality of both the build and the optics. I'm looking forward to using it much more often throughout the rest of the year.

This evening has seen a rare break in the familiar cloud cover. We're long overdue a run of clear skies.

~Z~ said...

Hi Andrew,
Got a break in the clouds the other night. Woo!

~Z~ said...

Hi Jeff,
Got to try out the scope the other night. I'm impressed with the optics as well.

Anonymous said...
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