Monday, February 11, 2008

Clear Skies

Finally, the other night I was able to get the telescope out in the back garden and give it a try. The moon had already gone behind some trees by the time I got outside so I missed that. But! I pointed it toward the Pleiades and oh what a sight! Clear, crisp points of light with no refraction and no jiggling about. Seeing conditions were exceptional, however. I can't wait to try for the moon. Maybe I'll get lucky tonight.

I have no experience with telescope optics but this little scope of mine seems to be perfect for a beginner like myself.

Went outside last night to take a look around and thought about hauling the scope out to take a look at Mars, but since the planet was almost overhead, I changed my mind.


Andrew said...

Bringing your new scope out for it's first light is great news and I am sure that you are going to enjoy it even more when you finally get a string of clear skies!.We have had a rough winter over here and I am eagerly waiting for the warmer/drier weather to arrive.As I type this,I can actually see the sun,which I haven't seen in almost 2 weeks.Heh,seems kind of strange!.Ooops,I spoke/typed too soon as it has clouded up again.ARGH!!!!

mark_smith said...

Great news hope you have better luck in the next year. Got any plans for the lunar eclipse tonight :


med said...

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Andrew said...

Hi ~Z~,just sending you a shout out to say hello!.Haven't heard from you in a long while and am hoping all is well?!.Have you been able to do any observing.I guess the weather hasn't been very nice for anyone over there from what I have heard.It hasn't been to nice for us either.
We certainly miss you in the astronomy blogs!.
Clear skies!,

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